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Myra Gee

Myrah Gee is a multitalented artist that hails from the DMV. She started her journey at the age of 10 as a natural born freestyle dancer. Although she began with little to no training, she possessed an energy that was raw and electric. Currently, Myrah is an experienced, professional dancer, choreographer, and director of the arts. With over 10 years of experience Myrah has graced countless stages, including music festivals, concerts, appearing on BET and most recently, touring with Master P and the No Limit Soldiers as choreographer and assistant creative director. Myrah also  holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Production in her arsenal. Myrah continues to be profoundly active in her community. She teaches at various studios, holds workshops, and provides mentorship for the youth. Ultimately, Myrah believes dancing is not just movement, dance is about communication, personal expression, transformation and connection. Dancing is a freedom, and you can choose to be anything you desire.


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Lola North

Loa North is a choreographer, and director from Capitol Heights, MD. Founder of North Star Productions, she began her training as a technical dancer at Suitland High School for the Performing Arts, which catapulted her love for choreography by exposing her to various teachers and creative environments.

She is known for her fluid movement, dedication to technique, and providing safe learning environments for performing artist. Her original choreography, Strange Fruit: Matthew 20:16, won the Audience Choice Award at the 36th Annual Choreographers Showcase held at the University of Maryland. This work spreads awareness and addresses the cruel topic of lynching Black people in America through the art of dance, costume, and imagery.

Miss North, has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology which she uses to create and relate to her audiences and students on a deeper level. Some of her more recent work credits are: movement coach for Live Forever Records, featured on Revolt TV’s website for directing music video Higher-LB199x, and choreographing for Master P’s No Limit Reunion Tour 2021-2022. Lola continues to expand her artistry and add value to the world of entertainment by “prioritizing quality or quantity.”


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