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Ayana "YANNA" Cooper

Ayana Cooper also known as Yanna the Brand is a rising dance star! She has been dancing since the tender age of two. She was born in Tallahassee, Florida but has been raised as a true Washingtonian.

Yanna's professional career started early as she danced alongside the DC Dance Legends MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Beat Ya Feet Kings at the age of five. She is referred to as the Sauce Princess, known to have much swagg and personality!

She is a self taught dancer but loves to train in a variation of styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African, Hip Hop, Clowning, Jersey Club, and Beat Ya Feet.


Yanna is currently being acknowledged as the DMV's Hottest in Dance Entertainment! Her other talents include singing, rapping and modeling. She aspires to pursue a acting career as well.

She has trained under some of the best Choreographers such as

Jamaica Craft

Marc Marvelous

Sean Bankhead

Lyle Beniga

Saquon Keys


Bam Martin

Kiki Ely

Sekinah Lestage

Ladia Yates

Honorable Mention

Missy Elliot (Pep Rally Youtube Video)

Jamaica Craft

I Heart Memphis

We Are Toonz


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